Transformation under way to make the Port Olímpic a place for local life and give it a nautical focus

The transformation project for the Port Olímpic is now under way and will turn it into a place for local people to stroll in, pursue nautical sports and enjoy local gastronomy. The first steps involve recovering an area of 10,000 square metres to create an area for rest and relaxation, and the renovation of the sea wall to repair the problems caused when it was breached.

03/11/2020 14:45 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The provisional revamp to the walking area at the Mestral and Gregal wharfs includes the removal of terraces and the two rows of parking to create a new social and family meeting point. Work here is already under way and should conclude in December.

Safety along the seafront will be improved, with the sea wall and the four underwater walls being reinforced to help contain wave movements. This work, consisting of preparatory work on the infrastructure and the positioning of concrete blocks, starts on Monday and will continue until the spring of 2022.

New usage model which opens up to the sea

The recovery of the Port Olímpic as a public space centring on the blue economy includes action to be executed soon:

  • Recovery of venues used for nightlife at the Moll de Mestral wharf to be used for activities linked to the sea.
  • Renovation and promotion of the Municipal Sailing Centre.
  • Continuity for the local Mediterranean gastronomy on offer at the Moll de Gregal wharf.
  • Creation of a new access point connecting Av. Litoral with the lower section of the Moll de Mestral.

The transformation of the port and its new public management includes criteria on proximity and sustainability with the following goals:

  • Guaranteed safety of people at the facilities.
  • Affordable and accessible pricing policies.
  • Conservation of city heritage.
  • Innovation in environmental management with zero-waste policies.

The remodelling project for the Port Olímpic involves an investment of 40 million euros.



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