Weekend: Farewell to Prospe Beach, devils in Poble-sec and the Sant Jaume giants

The last weekend in July brings the Prospe Beach farewell party in the neighbourhood of La Prosperitat; a new edition of the Diada Infernal, the fire event organised by the Diables del Poble-sec, and a gathering of giants in Plaça de la Mercè, with the Sant Jaume giants: Mercè, Ferran and the mini-giant Ullets. Popular neighbourhood culture to enjoy, despite the heat.

25/07/2019 12:25 h

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Friday evening (from 6 pm) brings the farewell party for Prospe Beach 2019, which turned 25 this year. The event covered the ground in Plaça d’Ángel Pestaña in sand from 4 to 27 July, enabling it to be used for sports activities such as tennis and beach volleyball tournaments, and family activities such as open-air film screenings, children’s mornings and a watermelon eating fest.

This year’s edition winds up with a communal meal at the local community centre. The celebrations begin with a foam party, with the Més Tumàcat company, and ends with a concert at 10 pm by the reggae group León Demaria & The Vital Breddas.

Infernal night in Poble-sec

The neighbourhood of Poble-sec is holding its local festival and one of the main events on Saturday evening is the Diada Infernal, a fire-based celebration organised by the local devils’ group, the Diables del Poble-sec. The evening starts with a drumming session at 9 pm, setting off from Plaça del Sortidor and ending up in Plaça de Navas. The adult fire run starts from there at 10 pm, ending up in Carrer de la Font Honrada.

The local festival in Poble-sec started on 19 July and ends on Sunday. Numerous cultural and leisure activities are being organised for the last weekend of the festivities. On Friday there’s a chess tournament, a vegan food tasting, family activities, a Zumba class and music. Feminist activities are being organised on Saturday, as well as swing dance and a communal supper. On Sunday there’s a chance to take part in a gathering of lace-makers, enjoy drinks and flamenco and the end of the festival.

Gathering for the Sant Jaume giants

On the Saturday which falls nearest to the day of Sant Jaume there’s an afternoon meeting of giants in Plaça de la Mercè, with the Sant Jaume giants: Mercè, Ferran and Ullets the mini-giant. The meeting also involves a parade around the neighbourhood, with the giants from Sant Andreu de Palomar and others from around Catalonia, including those from Arenys de Mar and Girona.

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