When politics is in the hands of the public

The three citizen initiatives which came about via the approval of the new regulations on public participation continue to make solid progress towards the multi-consultation. The period to present the 15,000 signatures needed is now over.

05/03/2018 13:49 h


Last Thursday the organisers behind the three citizen initiatives which have been collecting signatures from Barcelona residents over the last few months presented them to the Councillor for Participation and Districts, Gala Pin, in front of the Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC) in Pl. Sant Miquel. This step towards the validation process should now allow the initiatives to be presented for approval at the full council meeting in March, as set out in the current citizen participation regulations.

Receiving the signatures from the three collectives, Gala Pin offered a positive evaluation of the drive and efforts of local residents when it comes to influencing public policies on city affairs. The municipal government will carry on working to conduct the multi-consultation before the summer.

Over sixty thousand shows of support

The campaign ‘Remunicipalitzem l’aigua a Barcelona’, to put the management of the public water supply back in municipal hands, presented the largest number of signatures, with 26,389 in all. The organisers want to discuss the fact that in 150 years there has never been a public contest or a feasibility study on the public management of water, calling for the people of Barcelona to be consulted on how the city’s water should be managed.

The proposal to change the name of Plaça d’Antonio López will also be considered, having collected 17,840 signatures. The initiative by the Tanquem els CIE movement and the audio-visual producer Metromuster  aims to rename the square after Idrissa Diallo, the migrant who died in the Foreigner Internment Centre (CIE) in the Zona Franca early in 2012. The statue of Antonio López, Marquis of Comillas, whose past is linked to the slave trade of the mid-19th century, was removed from the square this weekend amid a public celebration.

The ‘Habitem el Sant Pau’ project presented 17,093 signatures with the intention of consulting the public about acquiring the Sant Pau social gym and creating 50 publicly-owned flats, helping to stop local residents having to leave the neighbourhood and keeping the solidarity work of the gym up.


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