Women’s networking to share resources, with ‘Entre totes, tot’

The Numància Social Services Centre, in the Sants neighbourhood, is offering a meeting point for overburdened family women to exchange experiences, decide on joint action and form bonds between them.

12/07/2021 10:34 h

Homera Rosetti

The Numància Social Services Centre, in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, has seen how for many years overburdened family women account for a very high number of users at the centre. These women often suffer serious emotional, health and work-related problems, which remain hidden and are antagonised by the solitude they feel when facing up to everyday difficulties.

The project ‘Entre totes, tot’ seeks to generate spaces for women to share experiences and develop mutual support bonds for situations they face in common. The target users are single-mother families or women who are the main carers of children they are responsible for, eager to share time with other women. The fortnightly sessions take place at a central location in the neighbourhood, with a team of staff from the centre helping them to start initiatives and putting them in touch with community resources and local care services.

The starting point for the project is the fact that all women possess tools and resources, acquired from their life experience and which may be useful to other women. Creating a strong relational network enables many women to get past solitude and find creative and innovative collective solutions. One example is the case of Laura, whose story we explain in this video.

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