Work to repair damage caused by Storm Gloria gets under way

The most urgent work is now under way to repair the damage caused by Storm Gloria between 20 and 23 January. The cost of the damage has been put at 23.6 million euros, the areas worst affected by the gales and rough seas being the city’s beaches and the sea wall at the Fòrum. Barcelona City Council is to ask the Spanish state to declare the city coastline as an area severely affected by the storm.

27/02/2020 15:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Gloria was an extraordinary storm, causing winds of up to 111 km/h at the mouth of the port, with gusts of between 70 and 95 km/h. For the first time since records began, waves were in excess of six metres. The cost of the damage has been put at 23.6 million euros.

The seafront was the area worst affected by Storm Gloria. The Bogatell, Llevant and Nova Icària beaches lost half their sand, with the other six city beaches losing more than a third. The beaches have recovered around 20% of their sand to date on average. The Bogatell and Mar Bella beaches are worst affected, having lost 20 and 13% respectively. The most serious damage is at the dune bank at the Mar Bella, the concrete breakwater at Bogatell and the two concrete breakwaters at the Mar Bella. As from May, work will begin to condition the beaches for the summer bathing season.

Another point where the damage was severe is the sea wall at the Parc del Fòrum. The repair work there will cost 4.6 million euros. The City Council has urgently allocated 1.2 million euros for work on:

  • Pipes and electric cabling
  • Seafront premises affected
  • Bathing area at the Fòrum
  • Signage at beaches
  • Paving at the beach in Barceloneta
  • PA systems and information boards at beaches


The storm brought down or partly unearthed 882 trees. Some have had to be cut down and maintenance work is being carried out on others. The work on trees costs 5 million euros. Damage was also caused to parks and gardens, street lighting, urban furniture and the traffic light network.


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