Working group to introduce LGBTI democratic memory in the city

Initiative to create a working group on LGBTI democratic memory which will work to dignify and renovate public spaces and monuments for this collective in the city, as well as creating new ones. The working group will be advised by the Councillor’s Office for Democratic Memory.

02/07/2021 14:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goal of this proposal is to gather input and experiences from organisations, groups and individuals representing the LGBTI community in the city and put together a historical route around Barcelona which recognises, gives visibility to and preserves the memory of the demands and realities of the collective through history.

The working group will be supported by the Councillor’s Office for Democratic Memory, which will offer expert advice on the historical memory of social movements, helping to construct and historically reliable narrative. The process will start by developing a map of existing elements and those which the project wishes to regain in public spaces in the city.


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