Concert "Cobla Sant Jordi - Ciutat de Barcelona"

  • Pl Mercè, 1
  • Venue accessible for people with physical disabilities
    • sun 24 · 21:00

Cobla concert. Cobla Sant Jordi - Ciutat de Barcelona sardana orchestra

The Cobla Sant Jordi – Ciutat de Barcelona orchestra has the privilege of playing on Avinguda de la Catedral on the first day of the La Mercè festival (see ‘Sardanes inaugurals’), and of offering one of the last concerts of the traditional Mercè, on 24 September, in another very important temple, the la Mercè Basilica. The performance will not be in an open space but rather inside the church, which will add to the solemnity of the event.

Once again, the concert will be held under the musical direction of Marcel Sabaté, one of the most important up-and-coming directors, and will be performed by Xavier Torrent (flabiol and tamborine), Ivan Alcazo and Oriol Gibert (tible), Enric Ortí and Josep Antoni Sánchez (tenors), Sergi Marquillas and Timi Rodríguez (trumpet), Isi López (trombone), Pep Moliner and Jordi Montasell (fiscorn) and Joan Druquet (double bass). The group has chosen sardanas and music for cobla by the great Catalan composers: we’ll be able to hear Mariàngela, by Eduard Toldrà; La ballarina i el soldadet de plom, by Francesc Cassú; Sardana a TV3, by Jordi Molina; Maragda, by Jesús Ventura; En Cacaliu, by Joaquim Serra, with Joan Druguet performing a double bass solo; Girona; by Enric Morera; Costejant, by Josep Maria Vilà i Gandol; Lídia, by Enric Ortí; Un mar de verdor, by Joan Druguet, and Vol d'orenetes, by Enric Sans, with Xavier Torrent performing a flabiol solo.

La Cobla Sant - Jordi Ciutat de Barcelona has been recognised with the highest distinctions in the city. In 1997 it was awarded the title Cobla Ciutat de Barcelona and in 2011, it was awarded the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona for its capacity to bring the sound of the cobla to popular contemporary music. This year the group is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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    • Pl Mercè, 1
    • Ciutat Vella
    • el Barri Gòtic
    • 08002 Barcelona