Concert "Contra todo pronóstico” [Against All Odds]

Contra todo pronóstico

Lia Kali


Urban rhythms / rap / soul


Lia Kali discovered music at home, and at the age of 16 she went to every jam session in the city on her bicycle. And it was at these jam sessions that she made contact with many of the musicians and artists on the Barcelona scene, and also where she began a dialogue with reggae, jazz, soul and rap. And since then, she’s never stopped singing.

From jam sessions she moved on to other projects, such as a tribute to Amy Winehouse. This is the way she reaffirms her love affair with the stage, her natural home. Tired of singing other people's songs, Lia started writing her own, at the same time discovering the personal healing that comes with the creative process. This is how Lia Kali began to compose the soundtrack to the setbacks of her daily life, publishing singles that have racked up millions of streams and views on music platforms and on TikTok, and releasing her first album, Contra todo pronóstico (2023), a début with vocal support from J Abecia, Elane, Zatu Rey and Colombian rapper Nanpa Básico. Lia Kali is currently one of the most sought-after voices on the urban scene, and in releasing her first album she's made it very clear that she's truly unclassifiable.

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    • Av Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 132
    • Horta-Guinardó
    • el Guinardó
    • 08041 Barcelona

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