Concert "Julen, final de gira Caiguda lliure" at the 'Escenari Europa FM'

Escenari Europa FM

Final de gira 'Caiguda lliure'





The singer, composer, guitarist and music producer Julen will be presenting his first disc, Caiguda lliure, at the Escenari Europa FM during La Mercè, offering a fresh show with touches of humour, impersonations and parodies such as the ones the artist shares on social media. This self-taught creator is a real phenomenon on Instagram and TikTok, thanks to his covers of popular songs, produced originally and featuring crazy lyrics.

Una cançó was the first song from Caiguda lliure to be introduced by Julen, and the tour that includes the performance at La Mercè features other songs that talk of the biggest emotions through smaller things: a journey that goes from insecurity to the joy of life. The disc also surprises with two intimate ballads, free of the electronic sounds of the rest of the songs, offering a transparent display of a versatile and sincere composer. Fresh and festive energy.

Caiguda Lliure consists of eight songs to be moved by, to laugh, sing and dance to, and ultimately to celebrate the constant freefall that is life. Backed by a band of fine musicians, the concert includes surprising versions of classic hits.

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    • Carrer de Menéndez y Pelayo, 2
    • Les Corts
    • la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
    • 08028 Barcelona

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