Concert "KAÏRO BAND: Saafu Safan de Casa Di Mansa"

  • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • sat 23 · 21:00

Escenari Can Fabra

Saafu Safan de Casa Di Mansa


Through music and performing arts, they transmit messages of kaïro, which means peace and love, and they present elements that are representative of the culture and traditions of Casamance: a rich and creative combination with a frenetic staging, which will leave you awash with good vibes. KAÏRO BAND is composed of musicians and artists from the African diaspora that fuse traditional rhythms of Casamance, Afro Folklore, afrobeat, reggae and Latin beats, creating an innovative colour and producing lively and exciting melodies that awaken all the senses and have you up on your feet and dancing.

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    • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • Sant Andreu
    • Sant Andreu
    • 08030 Barcelona

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