Concert "Mad Cartridge"

Mad Cartridge (Festival BROT 2021)


Having performed at Festival BROT (Barcelona Young Music Festival) in 2021, Mad Cartridge are coming to BAM 2023 to show us their special eclectic mix of musical influences after seven years working on this project. A crossover of perspectives and styles that results in a unique repertoire with singles such as Steps, Broken Hips, XXIII and Asphyxia, and an energetic version of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. At the end of 2022, Mad Cartridge released their first studio album, A Tale Of A Dead Man, an event which made its mark on their career and was the sign they needed to carry on giving it their all up on stage. A group that exudes passion, rage and deep joy making what they love: music. Guillem Pérez (vocals and guitar), Jorge Ronda (drums), Uri Ortiz (Bass and vocals) and Carles Sala (guitar and vocals) await you on the stage at the Moll de la Fusta on Saturday 23 September!

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    • Moll de Bosch i Alsina, 1
    • Ciutat Vella
    • el Barri Gòtic
    • 08039 Barcelona

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