Concert "Marina y su Melao desde el Caribe"

  • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • sat 23 · 00:45

Escenari Can Fabra

Marina y su Melao desde el Caribe

Marina y su Melao

A musical group formed in Barcelona in which the Puerto Rican Bomba, with its drums and vocals, is expanded to create a fusion with the colours and flavours of other Afro-Caribbean sounds. The Bomba is a genre with African roots that emerged in the 16th century among West African enslaved people and their descendants along the coast of Puerto Rico. Today it can also be heard in Barcelona. Marina Molina will be bringing traditional songs and original compositions, performed on both traditional and non-traditional folk instruments, and making the Caribbean cross borders to the sound of the Puerto Rican Bomba.

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    • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • Sant Andreu
    • Sant Andreu
    • 08030 Barcelona

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