Concert "Merina Gris"

  • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • sat 23 · 22:15

Escenari Can Fabra

Merina Gris


Merina Gris is a group formed of three young people from Donosti (Sara, Julen and Paskal), all of whom have prior experience in the music industry and who decided to join creative forces in 2020. The project was born of the need to feel represented on the cultural scene around them, to create a space where they could develop their message in a natural and fluid way. Merina Gris is about creating a space for yourself when you’ve felt like you don’t belong anywhere. One characteristic the group fosters is anonymity, with the premise that that “what” takes precedence over the “who”, that the art stands on its own two feet and is not conditioned by external elements. Another characteristic is the carefully thought out and coherent aesthetic, constructed together with the artists and collaborators that form part of the social circle of this trio, above all in the audiovisual field. As for their sound, Merina Gris describe their music as violent pop, as their songs have both a melodic and an aggressive side. And another key aspect is the importance of the music production, something the group has been working on since the outset. 

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    • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • Sant Andreu
    • Sant Andreu
    • 08030 Barcelona

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