Concert "Rodrigo Laviña y su Combo"

  • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • sat 23 · 23:30

Escenari Can Fabra

Rodrigo Laviña y su Combo

Rodrigo Laviña is a veteran of Catalan hip-hop with a long history on the scene. He has formed part of groups such as Pirat's Sound Sistema and At Versaris, in which he introduced the language of reggae and rap to Catalan. After six years of silence, he has released a new album under the Extraño Weys collective umbrella.

In March 2021 he released Rodrigo Laviña y su Combo (Say It Loud Records), a beautiful album with sounds that travel through the vinyl and drum machines with textures of 60s psychedelic music, a homage to Catalan yeyé pop and Brazilian music. A deadly mix of hesitation and sensibility that generates atmospheres that go beyond the boom bap of the 90s or the dominant sounds. The album is a sidereal trip born of self-management and a commitment to grassroots culture through the social and solidarity economy. The project is the fruit of inter-cooperation between various leading cooperatives such as La Ciutat Invisible and Quesoni-Say It Loud.

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    • Plaça de Can Fabra, 1
    • Sant Andreu
    • Sant Andreu
    • 08030 Barcelona

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