Concert "The Sants" at the 'Escenari Cadena 100'

Escenari Cadena 100

The Sants




It’s a simple premise: everything needs to made rumba! This is the stance taken by The Sants, a group which started life in the Sants neighbourhood during the pandemic to regain the sensations of performing in front of an audience, sensations we can now enjoy in full, live and in a street scenario. Festive fun, dance and a great mood sum up the rumba spirit pursued to the limit by The Sants.

Naturally, their repertoire includes works by Peret, the ultimate exponent of Catalan rumba, as well as cover versions of songs by Metallica, Dua Lipa and Boney M, rancheras and Limahl’s Never Ending Story to the rhythm of guitars, hand-clapping and percussion. Rumba’s got no limits for this group of musicians and friends from Sants.

As one of Peret’s hits said, singing to life, to the joy of living, is a way of being happy, and The Sants are in on this: through songs that we’ve heard all out lives, to bring out smiles and memories of those we always have in our hearts. Let’s dance!

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    • Carrer de Menéndez y Pelayo, 2
    • Les Corts
    • la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
    • 08028 Barcelona

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