Concert "The Tyets: Èpic Solete Tour" at the 'Escenari RAC 105'

Escenari RAC 105

Èpic Solete Tour

The Tyets


Urban pop


The second disc by The Tyets, entitled Èpic Solete, will have us dancing at La Mercè and has consolidated the group which are the flavour of the moment in Catalonia. The Tyets are the first band who sing in Catalan to beat the boundary of a million listeners in a month on Spotify, have earned a gold disc for Coti x Coti and have managed to export their music beyond Catalonia. The award-winning viral singles of De l’1 al què, Bailoteo and the sardana-reggaeton number Coti x Coti were the perfect prelude for a disc that went straight into the Top 10 in the Spanish state and which is currently one of the most widely listened to works, a feat which very few achieve.

The Tyets are Oriol de Ramon and Xavier Coca, a pair of producers and singers from the Maresme area who explain that they make music to make us happy, and sometimes to bring a tear to our eyes. The two of them provide the vocals and the guitar for the group, which also includes three Paus. Pau Sàmper (drums), Pau Calero (keyboards) and Pau Ruz (electric guitar). The song Let Me Alive, which has been playing on RAC 105 this summer and rounds off Èpic Solete, is a piece with a rhythm and a sound that evoke the outdoors, happiness and good vibes. RAC 105 now invites us to extend the summer with The Tyets. Let’s do it!

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    • Carrer de Menéndez y Pelayo, 2
    • Les Corts
    • la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
    • 08028 Barcelona

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