"Miniscule of Sound – The World's Smallest Nightclub"

Miniscule of Sound – "The World's Smallest Nightclub"

Tiny Productions

United Kingdom

Street theatre

From 8 and over

The dance floor at this disco is no more than two square metres, and yet half the world has danced on it, from London to Paris, Dublin to Peking, Tokyo and Sydney. Now, twenty-five years after it was inaugurated, the Miniscule of Sound finally reaches Barcelona to enlighten us with its lights and lasers, dry-ice machine, DJ and dance floor in the image of Saturday Night Live.

A Guinness World Record holder as the smallest nightclub on the planet, Miniscule of Sound has got everything needed for a memorable rave party with a reduced capacity. Only twelve people can enter in each session, but nobody gets left out of this welcoming and fun nightclub.... as long as the surprisingly arbitrary rules of its bouncers allow it. The club offers a cloakroom service and a minibar. It’s all here!

Tiny Productions inaugurated the Miniscule of Sound in 1998, a tiny premises which regularly features in the media as one of the most unique discos and bars in the world. A little place for big moments.

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    • Carrer de Nàpols, 70
    • Eixample
    • el Fort Pienc
    • 08018 Barcelona

    Schedule by range in this space

    September 22nd evening

    September 22nd night


    ‘Love for Free’ show

    Parc de l'Estació del Nord
    FRI 22 · 21:00 h

    "Random” show

    Parc de l'Estació del Nord
    FRI 22 · 21:30 h
    Contemporary dance

    Show "MAGURA"

    Parc de l'Estació del Nord
    FRI 22 · 21:30 h
    Dance-theatre / circus

    ‘Sirenes’ show

    Parc de l'Estació del Nord
    FRI 22 · 22:45 h
    Electronic music

    "ELEKTRA – I love you so much"

    Parc de l'Estació del Nord
    FRI 22 · 23:30 h