"Mosaic" concert at 'Escenari Europa FM'

Escenari Europa FM




Gerard Berengué studied music until he reached his teens, when he became tired of it, little knowing that in the future it was precisely music that would become a refuge for his experiences, both good and bad, and the highs and lows of life: a space of freedom, where it was possible to talk about everything. The guitar became his companion; paper and pencil his confidantes. Gerard began writing and composing songs that revealed his inner self, his feelings and desires, his hopes and fears, sharing them via social networks and online platforms. And it was in the virtual world that he met Adrià Olshanetsky (bass) and Roger Jordán (percussion and trombone) and the three of them started work on a joint project, Mosaic. The whole world was in the midst of a pandemic, and music brought hope.

Their first song Ets tu, grew out of the need to give thanks to music, art and culture for their help in getting through the bad times, such as those related to lockdown. Mosaic wanted to sing for the world that was out there, dedicating a substantial handful of songs to it. Mosaic is contemporary Catalan pop, music from the heart and the soul, with touching lyrics that seem to speak of - and to - every one of us.

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    • Carrer de Menéndez y Pelayo, 2
    • Les Corts
    • la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
    • 08028 Barcelona

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    September 24th night