Open day at the Arús Public Library

  • Passeig de Sant Joan, 26
  • Familiar event
    Venue accessible for people with physical disabilities
    • 3h 30m
    • fri 22 · 11:00

To mark the celebration of La Mercè festivities, on 22 September from 11 am to 2.30 you’ll be able to visit the library and the exhibition “The Republicans and the First Republic”, an exhibition that aims to introduce visitors to the political, social and cultural world of republicanism and the Barcelona republicans of 1873-1874 when, for the first time, the First Republic was proclaimed and an attempt was made to establish a state and a democratic and popular regime in Catalonia and the Spanish state.

Based on documents from the archives of the Arús Public Library, priority has been given to the documents with the greatest visual and iconographic impact, in order to go beyond a strictly political analysis and incorporate often overlooked aspects such as the decisive importance of the workers’ movement, the press and images, literature and theatre, the expansion of Freemasonry, music and popular musical practice, and urban spaces and the articulation of the different neighbourhoods.

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    • Passeig de Sant Joan, 26
    • Eixample
    • el Fort Pienc
    • 08010 Barcelona

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