Open day at MUHBA (Barcelona History Museum) Bon Pastor

  • Carrer de Barnola, 13
  • Familiar event
    • sun 24 · 11:00
      sun 24 · 16:00

Sunday 24 September from 11 am to 3 pm and 4 to 6 pm

Open day for the whole of the space.

The new “Les Cases Barates del Bon Pastor del Districte de Sant Andreu-MUHBA Bon Pastor” facility, the Museu de l’Habitatge de Barcelona, aims to present the history of housing in Barcelona during the 20th century by turning a block of this working class district’s ‘cases barates’, one of the four housing estates built in the city in 1929, into a museum.

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    • Carrer de Barnola, 13
    • Barcelona