‘Porto Bello: Bla bla bla’ concert on 'Escenari Europa FM'


Escenari Europa FM

Bla bla bla

Porto Bello



Porto Bello is coming to La Mercè with an explosive live show, new songs and a new record that was just released; it's their fourth one, after Basat en fets reals (2017), L’ull de la tempesta (2019) and La llei universal (2021), a heterogeneous set of works that at times have featured appearances by deluxe artists like Guillem Solé (Buhos) and Marc Riera (Doctor Prats).

This band from Altafulla loves their tours and concerts, adores playing in front of their audiences and surrendering to the energy and good vibes they give off. With their previous albums, they've toured around the best stages in the country, and now they're slated to appear on the Europa FM stage as part of La Mercè. With their musical and visual shows, they aim to create the atmosphere of ‘Porto Bello’, an abstract port that doesn't exist even though we all embrace it in our imaginations, a place where melodies from around the world play and mix with the music that makes us dance here, like ska, reggae, rumba, rock and punk. It’s a port that is lit up and filled with people who want to have fun.

The members of Porto Bello are closing a year filled with concerts, projects and hits in Barcelona. They’ll also be closing the Europa FM programme in the city's main festival. And that’s quite a feat!

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    • Carrer de Menéndez y Pelayo, 2
    • Les Corts
    • la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
    • 08028 Barcelona

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