‘Ruïnosa y las Strippers de Rahola’ concert

  • C Sant Adrià, 20
    • sat 23 · 20:00

Escenari L’Harmonia

Ruïnosa y las Strippers de Rahola

Ruïnosa y las Strippers de Rahola is a transvestite subnopunk band from Barcelona. Their hallmark is a mixture of performance and drag aesthetic with the sound and identity of punk, indie and rock. Their live shows feature an electric, energetic and highly theatrical spectacle with ludicrous makeup and ridiculous, ironic lyrics about the LGBTI community, politics, religion and more. They have been touring Barcelona’s underground scene since summer 2022, with stops at venues like the Festival My Heart your Mouth, the Sala Meteor, the Pride Festival of Karmel and other town festivals. They also won the Districte Musical Jove Contest of Gràcia and the tenth edition of Sarau Drag of Futuroa at the Sala Apol·lo. The band is comprised of four transvestite personalities: Ruïnosa, the eccentric, cheeky singer; Kalva Klein, the rebellious, suave guitarist and vocalist; Nico Lokao, the explosive, aggressive bass player; and La Marrana Juràsica, the sensually dancing, alien-like drummer. During the show, they will play around a dozen songs of their own, along with a few covers, and they alternate this repertoire with brief performances and interventions by the band members which enliven the atmosphere. Lastly, they end the show with a cathartic finale in the purest punk style.

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    • C Sant Adrià, 20
    • Sant Andreu
    • Sant Andreu
    • 08030 Barcelona

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