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  • Pg Santa Madrona, 36
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    • sun 24 · 22:00


Tarta Relena, Los Sara Fontán, Cocanha

Catalonia, Galicia, Occitania



4132314 is a show inspired by the sounds and manufacturing patterns of the old textile factories, and the memories of those who worked in them and the songs they sang. It’s a work that celebrates working collectively, solidarity, sisterhood, and singing as part of everyday life.

Tarta Relena (Barcelona), Los Sara Fontán (a duo from Galicia and Catalonia) Cocanha (Occitania) have joined forces for the first time to research, compose and present a live performance of a new project, conceived and developed at Fabra i Coats, which used to be one of Catalonia's most important textile factories, now converted into an art factory. The six artists also explore this dialogue between their own profession and those linked to textiles, two ways of inhabiting the same space at different times.

Their reinterpretation of the work songs of women in the textile sector stems from a desire to preserve the memory of a rich and rarely acknowledged form of popular culture. Translating the numerical patterns of textile manufacturing into musical compositions is about finding the thread of memory: the internal code that marked the factory's precise, repetitive rhythm. 4132314 was awarded the City of Barcelona Prize in 2023. 

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    • Pg Santa Madrona, 36
    • Sants-Montjuïc
    • el Poble-sec
    • 08038 Barcelona

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