Show: "Esberlar"




Balearic Islands / Catalonia

Contemporary dance / Physical theatre

Recommended age: Over 2 years

Borders, furrows, imaginary lines that delimit space and are diluted in time, in a continuous becoming. What is static no longer holds, we find ourselves in a constant flow, in the terrain of swaying, of oscillation; the idea of permanence has disappeared and we find ourselves in a fragile position that constantly changes our view of the world.

Esberlar uses movement and physical theatre to accompany the audience through images of instability, collapse and reconstruction. Three characters speak humorously about the limits imposed on us by society; but, above all, about the limits we impose on ourselves. Esberlar draws a hypothetical world, a map outlined with carpets, in which the rules of survival are change and adaptation.

Inspired by six stories by Haruki Murakami -which narrate the upended lives of characters affected by a system that transforms their physical and social landscape, leading them to an imminent paradigm shift-, L’Atapeïda presents us with a physical and gestural journey guided by the emotions of rupture. The collapse of structures, but also renewal, are the building blocks of this creation.

Duration: 35 minutes.

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    • Avinguda de l'Estadi, 65
    • Sants-Montjuïc
    • el Poble-sec
    • 08038 Barcelona

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