FORA DE SI: Marria Pratts + Gabriel Ventura

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Free admission until reaching the maximum capacity of 100 people.

C. Verdi, 152 (08012)
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Performative acts that bring architecture closer to other artistic practices.

"OUT OF MIND" is a cycle with three acts that will bring architecture closer to the artistic narratives of painting, sculpture, dance, writing and music, through conversations between artists.

Curated by Miquel Ruiz (h3o) and Arnau Pascual, the activity seeks to create a set of experiences in dialogue with each other that will take shape in the gallery's garden.

The painter Marria Pratts works from non-normative realities. Gabriel Ventura, as a poet, builds dreamlike stories in which the understanding of the individual takes on a new spiritual dimension. Visual and written languages, united in dialogue.



Type of activity
Debates and conferences
Organizing entity
H2O Gallery
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Free admission

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