The weather forecast

Barcelona's climate

Barcelona enjoys a typical Mediterranean coastal climate..

Its annual rainfall is around 600 mm, slightly higher around the Collserola range than along the coast. The rainiest season in the year by far is autumn (above all, the months of September and October) followed by spring and winter, whereas the driest is summer, with rainfall at its lowest during the months of June and July.

The temperature range is moderate. On the one hand, the winters are mild, with temperatures averaging between 9º and 12 ºC. It should be noted that night-time temperatures are especially high in the city centre, where it almost never freezes. On the other hand, the summers are hot, averaging between 23º and 26 ºC over the months of July and August. Being close to the sea makes Barcelona characteristically muggy over the summer, when maximum temperatures only ever rise above 30 ºC during serious heat waves.