Pets on beaches

  •  Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.
  • Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.


The area marked out for dogs at Llevant beach will be open over the high season for bathing, from 6 May to 16 September 2018.

Consult the beach-access regulations for pets and the information about the Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.

Article 3, section four of the Byelaw on animal protection, ownership and sales (CA) states the following: "pets are banned from beaches apart from the times and locations established by the Mayor   and at and other public sites determined by the Mayor. Guide dogs are not subject to this ban."

Under the Mayoral Decree of 4 December 2014 (CA), currently in force, pets are allowed general access to Barcelona's beaches, without time restrictions, except during the bathing season, which includes the weekends from April to October, from the Saturday before Good Friday and Easter Monday, both days included, and the period from 1 June to the last Sunday of September, both days included; with the exception of guide dogs, which are allowed unlimited access to beaches."

Access area to Llevant beach for city residents with dogs

Barcelona City Council will be maintaining an area marked out for dogs at Llevant beach this summer, during the high bathing season, from 16 May to 16 September. Improvements are being made such as enhanced cleaning of access points, expanding the duties of officers and more initiatives to raise awareness.

This decision is supported by the positive conclusions reached by all the players involved: the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), Solucions Integrals per als Residus, SA (SIRESA), the respective Departments of Animal Management and Protection and Waster Cleaning and Management, and by the results of the Survey taken in 2016 on the occupation of and satisfaction with Barcelona’s beaches , where the very users of Llevant beach gave a score of 7.7 points (out of 10) for the initiative.

Having listened to the opinions of the technical team, the Guàrdia Urbana (city police), Diagonal Mar's local residents and the Municipal Council for Animal Coexistence, Defence and Protection - to make a joint assessment of the experience - Barcelona City Council came to the conclusion that it would maintain the space and include improvements for the purposes of keeping a leisure and enjoyment space for dogs as an example of positive community life.

Improvements for the 2017 season

After listening to suggestions from city residents and technical teams, and using the experience gained from last season, the Barcelona City Council has decided to implement the following improvements: 

Urban furniture

- The drinking fountain or trough will be adapted so that it is suitable for all kinds of dogs (large and small), 
- The water pressure in the dog showers will be increased, instead of the water vapour used last year,
- In the urbandogs urinals, the metallic base has been replaced by a plastic filtering base in order to reduce the surface temperature.

For easy access to the area, the existing walkway leading to the access gate is being maintained, duly signposted at the entrance and the access ramp to the dog area.

User information service

The information service supported by two environmental information officers is available all week. The service is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30 am to 7 pm. Their duties include controlling access points (only dogs with identification microchips can enter), handing out dog waste bags and providing environmental information for users. The information team is responsible for controlling access to the beach and limiting the number of dogs and users, in order to ensure that the area runs smoothly.

As one of this year's improvements, the information officers are also stationed at the access points to the beach, so that dog owners follow the established route along the walkway to the area's entrance. 

Meanwhile, a campaign to raise awareness amongst dog owners will be launched regarding their obligations to their pets, appropriate conduct on the dog beach and respect for other members of the public. Information leaflets that outline the regulations governing the use of the area, specific regulations for dogs that are potentially dangerous and advice on good practices will also be given out. 

The awareness-raising campaign on hygienic measures and the obligations of dog owners has also been included in various activities organised by the Centre de la Platja [Beach Centre] in its 2017 programme. This environmental education facility, located on the Somorrostro Beach archway, includes awareness-raising messages regarding beach conduct for dogs, both during activities for specific groups, as well as those aimed at the general public, such as the "Environmental Walk on the Seashore" and "Beach Gymkhana and Biodiversity".

Cleaning Operation

The area has a specific cleaning service with a team that provides one operator for the morning and afternoon shifts all week, with the aim of keeping the area clean and carrying out manual sand sifting tasks. In addition, the daily use of a tractor for mechanical sand sifting is also being retained. 

As one of this year's improvements, cleaning of the access points used by dog owners is being enhanced, in order to ensure the maximum levels of hygiene on the entire dog beach and the surrounding area. Cleaning of the neighbourhood area around Llevant Beach is also being intensified, in response to requests from local residents. 

Health inspection service

The designated area has a water quality inspection service, as established in Directive 200/7/EC and a specific inspection service for sand quality. 

You are reminded that dogs are still banned from other areas of the Barcelona shoreline during the bathing season, except for guide dogs, which are always allowed on the beach.

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