Every 30 years...

17/09/2023 - 08:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

BAM, Sónar and Clowns Without Borders celebrate their anniversaries at Mercè.

La Mercè blows out the candles at the birthday parties of three must-see events in the Barcelona cultural calendar: the Barcelona Acció Musical Festival, Sónar and the NGO Clowns Without Borders. Are you joining the celebrations?

Barcelona Musical Action (BAM) – One of the most representative projects of La Mercè turns 30 this 2023: the BAM Festival has already become a benchmark for discovering emerging talents from Catalonia and the world. A deeply rooted musical celebration in Barcelona, BAM has become a diverse and inclusive, decentralised and rooted festival, which each year presents us with proposals that are a reflection of current society.

This 2023, another year under the artistic direction of the mixed cooperative L’Afluent, the festival will once again bring to the city over forty groups and artists who will immerse you in the new urban pop, revisited tradition, the avant-garde and subculture, experimentation or the club and community. 

You can check the full schedule and timings at

Sònar- Another big name on Barcelona’s music calendar, Sónar, the European festival that has best reflected the evolution and expansion of digital and electronic music and culture, will also celebrate its thirtieth birthday at La Mercè. It will be during the Piromusical, one of the most crowded events of the main festival that, as always, will flood Maria Cristina Avenue. This year, at the Piromusical, a musical selection made by Sónar will be played. From Barcelona to the world.

Clowns Without Borders – We still have to congratulate another cultural initiative with international projection, which will commemorate its thirty years of life with the MAC public: we refer to it as an NGO that spreads smiles and joy where there is only conflict and pain. The birthday party will be supportive, as it could not be otherwise, and will bring together a circus and a band of exceptional musicians: Circ Troba Cric is a show in which the songs and music of the Troba Kung-Fú merge with the numbers in the Circ Cric. This really is the greatest show in the world! A first night at the Parque del Aqueducte (check the full program of the party) will be followed by a second day full of performances by different artists who have spread smiles throughout a lot of countries in conflict and who this day will also give them to the men and women of Barcelona. 

More information here.