Moujuïc or the Castle of Dance

22/05/2024 - 08:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A weekend dedicated to movement fills the Montjuïc Castle with shows for audiences of all kinds.


If you are one of those people who like to dance or see yourselves surrounded by movement, they are waiting for you at Moujuïc, an appointment with dance and related arts that, on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of May, will reach its most intense moments.

It all begins with Quien baila, su mal espanta, a combination of the talents of Pol Jiménez, an artist who expresses himself through flamenco and contemporary dance, and Joaquín Collado, one of the most popular figures in dance and movement of recent times. They embrace each other and jump up and down. Are they ballroom dancing? Come and see them just before the performance of La Chachi, a passionate hybrid of gestural theatre, new dramaturgy and contemporary dance. In Taranto Aleatorio, she stars in a song and dance duet with Lola Dolores in which the weight of randomness is explored in a traditional tablao format.

The same evening, the Brazilian Natalia Fernandes will explore the Brazilian political and cultural context in El Carnaval no es alegre – Tiny Desk. Don’t leave yet if you want to see a circus and dance show of high impact. It’s EXIT, by the company Circumstàncies. Here you will see all of floating doors and walls and some things that pass through them.

The dance festival continues on Sunday, 26th, with activities starting in the morning. Remember that, if you come with young spectators, there are people specialised in new audiences who will give you a helping hand. Children and their companions will be able to take part in dance workshops (with Joaquin Collado), in openings of creative processes with artists such as Lautaro Reyes and the boys and girls of the Institut Narcís Monturiol. As part of the project EN RESIDÈNCIA, choreographer and students have jointly created the dance piece La escucha cae dentro, accompanied by La Poderosa.

Joan Català (pictured), who you will see on Sunday afternoon, is an artist dedicated to acrobatic balancing and movement with a lot to explain to you. 

Do you know what an idiophone is? It is an instrument that, like a bell, sounds because of the vibration of the whole body, not just the strings. Come and see the show Idiòfona and you can take part in the creation of a great sound installation in the public space.

The piece Verònica, by Magdalena Garzón and, as a grand finale, a creation by Led Silhouette and Marcos Morau (La Veronal) Los Perros, a passionate and cathartic dance duet, will close this year’s edition of Moujuïc. 

If, as this year’s slogan says, you too are ‘moved by movement’, come to Castell de Montjuïc, but first check the website for all the information on next year’s edition of Moujuïc and buy your tickets (8 €, one day, and 12 €, both days).

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