Barcelona City Awards 2015

The names of the 20 prize-winners who will receive the award on 15 February at the Saló de Cent of Barcelona City Council was announced today.

The winners of the Barcelona City Awards were announced today. Presented every year by Barcelona City Council, the awards are in recognition of the top-quality creation, research and production undertaken in the city by creators or groups who work there or by Barcelona-based institutions or organisations that promote or produce them.

The awards provide distinctions in 20 categories, including such fields as architecture and urban planning, dance, literature in Catalan and Spanish, theatre and audiovisuals. In each of the categories, a jury is responsible for selecting the winners. This year, there are also five special mentions.

The awards ceremony will be held on 15 February at 7 pm at the Saló de Cent of Barcelona City Council and will be presented by Txe Arana and Bruno Sokolowicz. The ceremony will also feature singer “Dolo” Beltrán, the Brodas Bros dance company and poet Dolors Miquel.

List of Barcelona City Awards 2015 prize-winners:

- Agustí Duran i Sanpere History of Barcelona Award for the book Barris, veïns i democràcia. El moviment ciutadà i la reconstrucció de Barcelona (1968-1986) [Neighbourhoods, Residents and Democracy. The Citizen Movement and the Reconstruction of Barcelona (1968-1986)] by author Marc Andreu Acebal.

- Architecture and urban planning: the General Practitioner Architects initiative, in the Raval neighbourhood by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC).

- Visual arts: A Bao A Qu association.

The jury felt it appropriate to make special mention of the independent self-managed spaces Espai Colona, Fireplace, The Green Parrot, Halfhouse, Homesession, El Palomar and Passatge Studio.

- Essay, social sciences and humanities: the work La resistència íntima: assaig d’una filosofia de la proximitat [The Intimate Resistance: Essay of a Close Philosophy], by Josep Maria Esquirol.

- Audiovisuals: Edmond Roch, producer at Ikiru Films, for Capture the Flag.

The jury also decided to make special mention of the film Game Over, by Alba Sotorra.

- Life sciences: Maria Pia Cosma, ICREA researcher at the Pompeu Fabra University. Special mention to Paloma Mas, for her work on the magazine Cell.

- Experimental sciences and technology: Teresa Puig and Xavier Obradors.

- Circus: the Animal Religion company for the Sifonòfor show.

- Popular and traditional culture: the Castellers del Poble Sec group for the Castelloscopi project.

The jury felt it appropriate to make special mention of the Associació de Festes de la Plaça Nova group and their project: 425 years of the Festes de Sant Roc in Barcelona.

- Dance: Bea Fernández and Mònica Muntaner, at the head of La Poderosa.

- Design: the Design to Live exhibition. 99 Projects for the Real World organised by Òscar Guayabero and presented at the Barcelona Design Museum.

- Education: Miquel Bleach school in the Hostafrancs neighbourhood.

- Gastronomy: Joan Bayen, Juanito del Pinotxo.

- Literature in Catalan: the work La filla estrangera [The Foreign Daughter], by Najat El Hachmi.

- Literature in Spanish: the work Los diarios de Emilio Renzi. Años de formación [The Diaries of Emilio Renzi. Years in the Making], by Ricardo Piglia.

- Media: Carles Capdevila.

- Music: Za!, for the work Loloísmo.

- International projection of the city of Barcelona: Paul Preston.

- Theatre: Pol López.

- Translation into Catalan: Ramon Monton i Lara, for the translation of the work Els quaranta dies del Musa Dagh [The Forty Days of Musa Dagh], by Franz Werfel.

The jury wants to make special mention of Josep Maria Jaumà for the translation into Catalan of the anthology Irlanda indòmita 150 poemes [Indomitable Ireland 150 Poems], by William Butler Yeats.

At the following link, you can find more information about the Barcelona City Awards

Publication date: Wednesday, 03 February 2016
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