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The culture of kilometre zero

A new edition of Barcelona Districte Cultural is coming up, with 235 sessions of circus, theatre, dance, music and audiovisuals.

Between 9 February and 5 May, the city's neighbourhoods will be filled with a wide variety of shows thanks to the 13th edition of Barcelona Districte Cultural, the circuit created in 2017 with the aim of strengthening local culture and allowing local people to enjoy more risky and quality shows through the city's civic centres. In this edition there will be 235 sessions of 42 different cultural proposals, distributed among 34 facilities. You can find circus, theatre, dance, music, children's cinema and musical documentaries, and there will also be special screenings for schools and high schools in the different neighbourhoods, sometimes accompanied by colloquiums, talks and special presentations. As always, all the activities are free, but tickets must be booked in advance on the website of Barcelona Districte Cultural.

From the world of the circus, there will be a dozen proposals, from the acrobatics of companies such as Mortelo&Manzani with the show Fili Busters or Circ Pistolet with Potser no hi ha final, to the juggling to the rhythm of swing by Ramiro Vergaz in White Bottom or the illusions with ropes created by Señor StetS in his show Cuerdo. There will be half a dozen dance proposals, among them US, by The Jokerz Company, Shalott, by the company Guillem Batlle and Vlad Ion, or Hacemos como que bailamos, a sensorial and uninhibited journey with Unaiuna. If we look at the theatre programme, we find plays with present-day themes such as El sensespai, a production by Sala Flyhard directed by Lara Díez Quintanilla, to object theatre with M.A.R. Un discurso plástico a través del espacio, by Andrea Díaz Reboredo, or the documentary theatre of the piece by the company La Jarra Azul and Puça Espectacles entitled Winnipeg, el vaixell de Neruda.

The musical offer is also varied, with proposals ranging from bebop jazz trio led by Cuban trumpeter Carlos Sanduy, to the folk soundscapes of singer-songwriter Henrio from Igualada, or the mix of flamenco and post rock of the Barcelona quintet Tilde, among many others. Barcelona Districte Cultural is not forgetting family audiences either, with shows such as the circus companies Sifó, PakiPaya and La Tal, or the dance companies Brodas Bros and CreaMoviment. And in the spirit of bringing culture to all audiences in the city, we are committed to shows that include elements that facilitate understanding: some performances of La motxilla de l'Ada by Teatre al Detall and No es país para negras by Silvia Albert Sopale and Carolina Torres Topaga will have accessibility measures such as subtitles, interpretation in Catalan sign language and magnetic loop.

You can find the full programme at this link.

Publication date: Thursday, 26 January 2023
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