Poster 2023 25N: 'Pregunta, parla, escolta. Dia Internacional contra la violència envers les Dones.'

Civic Centers Join the Fight Against Violence Towards Women

The civic centres in the city offer a wide range of options, including theatre, workshops, conferences, tours, and more, as part of the November 25th activities.

The Xarxa de Centres Cívics de Barcelona presents an extensive program to delve into November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This day is dedicated to commemoration and visibility to raise awareness and eradicate sexist violence. The program includes activities of all kinds, from theatrical performances, workshops, talks, exhibitions, concerts, itineraries, and screenings, to family-oriented events.

You can expect a dozen shows with stories of self-awareness and overcoming challenges, reflecting on the violence suffered by women. Among them are works such as the musical monologue "Tómbola," featuring songs by Marisol; the documentary theatre piece "No entenc els homes" by Verónica Pallini, and a small recital by Sònia Moll in "This poem is not consent." This year, until December 15th, the theatre festival "Dona Crea-Crea Mujer" is being celebrated.

Conversations and conferences will also take place to analyze various types of violence affecting women, related to issues such as rape culture, invisibility, assaults, or health. Don't miss Diana Morena's talk on the characteristics of digital gender violence, Graciela Atencio's "Radiography and Evolution of Femicides," and, in the medical field, "Health (also) for Women" by the Igualitàrium collective.

The civic centres of Barcelona invite you to participate in more than a dozen advocacy workshops covering topics such as cinema, self-defence, comics, technology, embroidery, bag painting, poster creation, historical dissemination, and feminist composition. You can explore proposals like "Dones de pel·lícula," reflecting on the representation of femininity and gender stereotypes in audiovisual media. You can also acquire techniques, skills, and abilities to protect yourself in aggressive situations with "Autodefensa feminista" and "Autodefensa: feminisme de la violència."

Visual tours are also included with ten exhibitions displayed in different civic centers. Standout exhibits include "Les dones que falten," in memory of murdered women; "Marcades," exploring the physical oppression suffered by women, and "Llibertat Ródenas, 1893-1970," provided by the Institut Català de les Dones to recover and disseminate the memory and figure of the anarcho-syndicalist and anarcho-feminist.

Music takes a central role with multiple concerts, featuring artists like Carla Collado, La Maga, Juliette Robles, and Marea Lila de Rodautors. Additionally, a section dedicated to the seventh art offers fiction films and documentaries by women from various backgrounds. Some of the screenings include "Lost in Translation" by director Sofia Coppola, "La dona tancada" by Valèria Cuní, Miguel Ferreiro, and María Martos, and "La boda de Rosa" by Icíar Bollaín.

Five routes and itineraries are organised to reclaim women's public space and discover the squares and streets of the city from a gender perspective. You have the opportunity to do so in "Dones i espai públic, Les Corts," "Les dones a la Verneda de Sant Martí" to learn about the history of women with street names in the neighbourhood, and "Besàvies feministes," an itinerary through Sarrià about three pioneers of the feminist movement: Dolors Monserdà, Carme Karr, and Dorotea Chopitea.

Finally, family-friendly activities are scheduled that address diversity and gender equality while dismantling assumed beliefs based on gender through crafts, storytelling, and screenings.

These are just some options on November 25th, and schedules and prices vary depending on the sessions. Throughout the year, these facilities showcase women and promote female empowerment. Still, to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, they present specific proposals that you can consult in detail on the Xarxa de Centres Cívics de Barcelona website.

Publication date: Monday, 20 November 2023
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