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Connect with nature without leaving Barcelona

Many civic centres in the city have gardens, mountains, parks or green areas for walks and cultural activities.

You don't need to get out of Barcelona to breathe in some fresh air. Amid cars and buildings, the city hides some nature-filled spaces you can enjoy all year round, small green oases where you will also find a great variety of cultural offers. From Vallvidrera to Gràcia, here are six civic centres that perfectly combine nature and culture. The Can Castelló Civic Centre has its headquarters at an old bourgeois farmhouse in Sant Gervasi, located inside the Can Castelló Gardens, which are home to plant species from all over the world. Other gardens that are not far behind are those at the Vil·la Florida Civic Centre, with shrub beds and large trees surrounding an old manor from the 16th century. The Enric Sagnier gardens are home to the Casa Sagnier Civic Centre, a venue in a quiet corner in the middle of Sant Gervasi-Galvany that takes its name from the Catalan architect.

Don't worry! We are not done with the gardens yet! The Sarrià Civic Centre is located inside the Vi·la Cecilia Garden, next to the Vil·la Amèlia Garden, which originally constituted a single space. In them, you can find a great many millenary trees, palm trees, white and stone pines, Siberian elms and cypresses, among others. If you're looking to go on a short hike, you will love L’Elèctric Civic Centre's proposals. Located fifteen minutes from Les Planes, this facility organises hikes and walks to make the most of its privileged surroundings. Last but not least, near the Vallvidrera marsh, you will find the Vallvidriera Civic Centre, a venue opened in 2002 that hosts different walks in addition to a music offering at the park.

No more excuses not to enjoy nature in Barcelona... Check the websites of each facility to stay up to date with their activities, and don't wait any longer to visit them.

Publication date: Monday, 09 August 2021
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