One of the Ecxhibit’s images with Pinoccio at the front

A classic of children's literature, turned into an immersive experience

Poble Espanyol is hosting the exhibition for family (and adult) audiences "Pinocchio 3D".

You may come because you think kids will have a good time, but we'll tell you if you still have a bit of a child in yourself, you will also be fascinated by the story of the little wooden puppet turned into a child. We are talking about Pinocchio 3D, the exhibition that you can see from 24 February to 20 May at Poble Espanyol.

Come and spend the day at the Montjuïc site any day of the week and take the opportunity to see the exhibition (the ticket price includes access to the site), a creation of Medartec, a production and distribution company of audiovisual experiences as Italian as Carlo Collodi himself, the author of the story explained here. 

In this exhibition, the story whose protagonist is the character we know as Pinotxo is explained through immersive audiovisual experiences. Thus, a story that is almost a century and a half old takes on a new dimension when the youngest children have the opportunity to physically immerse themselves in the story and experience almost in their own skin the adventures of the wooden puppet whose nose grew every time he told a lie.

Impressive moments such as the episode in which our hero is caught by a whale are experienced in this exhibition (don't worry, you won't get hurt) with the utmost realism.

Excitement, fun, adventures... No one will get bored participating in this experience, a new way of explaining stories in which the pages of a book come to life and invite us to live the story as if we were part of it.

Do you want your children, daughters, sons, daughters, sons and daughters or nebots and nebodes to know an immortal history explained in the most up-to-date language? Then take them to see Pinocchio 3D, but first check the Poble Espanyol website for all the information about the proposal.

Publication date: Wednesday, 21 February 2024
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