Paula Valls
Albert Guinovart
Tortell Poltrona

Cruïlla XXS, when less is more

200 artists will fill emblematic spaces in Barcelona with small format proposals every day of July.

This 2020, and due to the pandemic, the Cruïlla Barcelona festival was cancelled, and we also had to suspend most of the Cruïlla Primavera concerts. But the “parents” of these events refuse to let a virus stop the live musical experience, and they have programmed more than 200 small format proposals that will fill, during the whole month of July and the first days of August, different emblematic corners of Barcelona with music but also with scenic arts. They have baptised it as Cruïlla XXS, and the slogan on its poster is very clear: "Less is more".

The organizers have bet on local talent and on stages such as the gardens of the National Theatre of Catalonia, the Pueblo Español, the garden of the Maritime Museum, or the Sant Pau Modernist site. At the last minute, before closing of the programme, another stage has been added which has nothing of 'XXS' written on it: The Camp Nou! This will be the first time that the Barça stadium will host a concert series. Among the long offer of the 'Cruïlla XXS' - practically every day there are three or more events - we can find, from the musical field: Albert Pla, Cesk Freixas, Joan Colomo, Pau Riba, Sanjosex, Roger Mas, Quico Pi de la Serra, Cris Juanico, Obeses, Paula Valls, Delafé, Marina Rossell or the Balkan Paradise Orchestra, to mention some names. An important part of the programme is also reserved for jazz, flamenco and classical proposals, and we will be able to see the Altimira Quartet, Las Migas, Los Chichos, Chicuelo or Albert Guinovart perform. The concerts in Camp Nou will feature Sopa de Cabra, Nilo Moliner, Ismael Serrano, Fuel Fandango, León Benavente, Viva Suecia and Los Amigos de las Arts.Pel. As for the performing arts, you can enjoy Brodas Bros, Tortell Poltrona, las Impuxibles, Pep Plaza & Big Band Jazz Maresme, la Fura, Víctor Parrado, the Pepa Plana company and Pep Bou. The programme also includes a lot of comedy skits: Vermunologists, Txabi Franquesa, Impro Barcelona...

In short, an extensive programme in which it is difficult not to find several names that make you want to get out of the house. Learn all the details here.

Publication date: Tuesday, 23 June 2020
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