Poster of BOCA 2024 Festival

A cultural experience for teenagers, at the CCCB

The second edition of the BOCA festival is here, a musical proposal created for and by young people.

If you are between 14 and 17 years old, you can't miss an event created by teenagers and aimed at this audience. This is the second edition of the BOCA festival, a cultural experience that stands out for its innovation, diversity and accessibility, where you can sing and dance thanks to performances by artists such as Santa Salut, Munic HB, Kuu, among others. Make a note in your diary: 2 March, at the CCCB

The BOCA festival is a cultural and social space for young people to explore live music and foster creativity through multidisciplinary activities. The programme is made possible by the Consell Jove, a group made up of fifteen young people aged between 15 and 19 who, together with the NouPOP association and the CCCB, are in charge of artistic direction, the creation of content, production and management of the event.  In addition, it has been awarded the Impulsa Cultura prize, thanks to the participatory and co-creation project "Muntem Un Festival".

What performances await you throughout the afternoon? Santa Salut will be on stage with songs with social, revolutionary and feminist themes. The Sabadell-based band debuted in 2018 with the demo Converses internes (Internal Conversations) and will delight us with the songs from their new album, Discordia

Also there will be Munic HB, born in Sabadell, but of Gambian origin, one of the revelation names in urban music that explores themes ranging from melodic trap to Afrobeat and pop. At the festival, he will present his new EP created in collaboration with Kabasaki, Un día malo para celebrar

But that's not all! Discover the electronic pop of Kuu, an artist who experiments with music in the studio with Roots, the producer of artists such as The Tyets and Mushkaa. You can also explore the music of Martigo, an emerging figure on the urban scene who combines reggaeton and pop and in 2023 released the mixtape entitled Xarnego.

Finally, DJ Ruru and DJ Guepard will be the stars of the dancefloor with their mixes of trap, afro, hip-hop, reggaeton and 2000's hits. 

Take the opportunity to experience the BOCA festival, a unique, collective and in-person event that offers young people a safe, welcoming and fun space. All this will take place on 2 March at 6 pm. The ticket price is 5 € and, if you want to buy it, you can do so from the CCCB website.


Publication date: Friday, 23 February 2024
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