In the picture, two of the pieces from the exhibition

Graphic arts, illustration and short films at the new space Mecal Factory

On the 1st of March a new space will be inaugurated in Poblenou that combines projections and exhibitions.

You know that, despite the militancy of some venues, watching short films is not always easy, but from 1 March it will be a little easier thanks to a new space run by some of the city's best-known people from the cultural scene. This is the Mecal Factory, where you can not only see short films on a regular basis, but also exhibitions such as Journey through contemporary illustrated art.

The initiative is, as you may have guessed, the work of those responsible for this short film festival that livens up the summer and offers filmmakers, emerging or otherwise, the chance to express themselves in a format that is as brief as it is forceful. From now on, the screenings of the Mecal International Short Film and Animation Festival will be held here, but in addition, throughout the year you can watch these delicious selections of short films that the people in charge of this festival have selected thematically.

We recommend that you make a complete visit. You will discover that the venue includes a space called Kiblind Atelier, which is dedicated to graphic arts and illustration, in connection with Kiblind, an illustration workshop and a publication dedicated to current cultures and creative industries, with special attention to contemporary illustration.

There they have prepared Viatge a través de l'art il-lustrat contemporani (Journey through contemporary illustrated art), an exhibition that brings together illustrations by authors and authors of different styles, such as María Medem, Simon Bailly (in the image you can see two works by these two artists), Virginie Morgand, Lou Benesch and Yeye Weller. Some of them are a splash of colour, others present surrealist images and some others turn music into a plastic creation.

Come, see the exhibition, stay afterwards to watch a session of short films such as Intens Shorts, Antihéroes or, on 9 March, Univers femení, and, if it's the day, enjoy a DJ session with Andy Loop or Sonikgroove or, if it's Sunday, maybe even a vintage market.

Documentaries and video clips will soon complete the cinema programme of the venue, to access which, of course, you will be asked to become a free member, a formality that you can complete on the venue's website and which is essential, as Mecal Factory operates as a cultural association.

Check out the programme, because there are always surprises (did you know that they organise themed cocktail parties set in Brazil, for example?) and some of them are even the ones that are mentioned, because gastronomy also has a place in this proposal.

If you want to know what Mecal Factory is and what they can do for you, come and see the space, but first you can check the website for all the information about it.


Publication date: Tuesday, 27 February 2024
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