A detail from the painting Jaume Sabartés amb pinçanàs (1901), by Picasso

Picasso, paint in blue

The Museu Picasso is presenting to the public the results of its research activity on the artist's youth through new technological supports.

From 6 April to 4 September, the Museu Picasso presents the Picasso blue project: an exhibition on the technical studies of works from the Museum's collection from the artist's blue period. The exhibition, curated by Reyes Jiménez, head of the Preventive Conservation and Restoration Service, examines various aspects of the works, from the creative process, the constituent materials and the distribution of the layers of colour, to the contextualisation and interrelationship between works from the same period or previous periods, in the case of reused canvases and conservation strategies.

The exhibition material is predominantly visual, with a very informative aspect and the incorporation of technological supports and digital techniques. The exhibition presents the unpublished research work carried out in different areas of collaboration with museum institutions, such as the National Gallery in Washington — which has analysed the works Jaume Sabartés amb pinçanàs (1901) and Natura morta (1901) — or the Instituto Nello Carrara in Florence, which has focused on the study of La copa blava (1903).

Through a didactic and communicative museography, the exhibition offers a tour of the main pieces from the blue period, beginning with the preludes to this period and ending with Terrats de Barcelona (1903). Visitors will also find the drawing El cec, recently acquired by the Barcelona City Council through the right of first refusal on export exercised by the Generalitat. The artist drew this work in 1903, at the height of the blue period, complementing the discourse of this crucial moment of his youth.

Access to the Picasso blue project is included in the price of the general admission ticket to the Museum. You can get yours at this link.

Publication date: Wednesday, 30 March 2022
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