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The most avant-garde and heterogeneous sound

Tilde is a quartet from Barcelona that has been developing a hybrid and daring style since its formation in 2009.

Combining elements of flamenco, post-rock, jazz and psychedelic pop, Barcelona-based band Tilde aim to dazzle audiences with their music and live performances, which include songs from their two EPs and three albums, the latest of which, Algae, was released in 2020 and showcases their love of light and dark, poetry and a clean, uncontrived sound. They are currently performing in the Barcelona Distrite Cultural, the cultural circuit in the neighbourhoods of all the districts of Barcelona..

Currently formed by Mario Vélez, Lluvi Farré, Enric Ponsa and Mati Pando, Tilde is a musical project that draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres. Their latest album, Algae, was recorded live at Hukot Studios, mastered by Milo Gomberoff and mixed and produced by the band's previous guitarist, Carlos Sánchez.

The group emerged in Barcelona in 2009 under the name Planeta Tilde and focused on searching for their identity through acoustic purity, exploring the rawest side of music. The band's first EP, Poleas, was the result of this research and was recorded in November 2009 at Jaume 113's studio in Girona. These songs allowed them to make their first presentation in different venues in Catalonia, both in acoustic and electric format, and they went on to play nearly a hundred gigs.

Nowadays, Tilde's sound is characterised by a solid rhythmic base where the vocals and guitars gain freedom to cross harmonies, thus creating a pop-rock with psychedelic touches and lyrics that play with particular meanings never fully explicit.

Tilde is a band that experiments and fuses different musical styles to create a unique and distinctive sound.

Tickets are free, but must be booked via this link.

Publication date: Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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