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Ombra Festival: The Grand Celebration of Unusual Sounds

The former Mercedes-Benz Factory and Sala Upload host day and night activities, respectively, for an encounter with underground and avant-garde sounds.

Analog sounds or electronic music, are always at the forefront and often included in the underground scenes of their respective countries. We're talking about the musicians and groups featured at the Ombra Festival. Restless ears eager to be surprised by unusual sounds are invited from December 1 to 3, during the day at the former Mercedes-Benz Factory and at night at Sala Upload. Bands and sonic projects such as Kris Baha & Ghosts in the Machine (pictured), Little Nemo, Mitra Mitra, Monolith, or The Invincible Spirit await you.

The festival has traversed various spaces in the city during its existence, always industrial venues that perfectly align with the festival's intentions and the style of the participating artists. This year, they have found a new stage, one of the largest rationalist architectural spaces (designed by Robert Terrades and located in Bon Pastor) in Barcelona: the former Enmasa factory, previously the National Aviation Engine Factory, and later the Mercedes-Benz Factory.

In this space during the day, and at Sala Upload for two nights, you'll have essential appointments, including one that brings the techno and synth-punk artist Kris Baha and the futuristic project Ghosts in the Machine to the city. You'll feel like you're in a science fiction film as you watch live mapping projections with 3D and computer-generated animations to the beat of the music.

Among the scheduled artists, there's also Little Nemo, born near Paris in the 1980s, bringing to Barcelona a curious mix of influences from British post-punk and late 19th-century French cabaret.

Don't miss the duo of musicians based in Vienna, Mitra Mitra (Violet Candide and Mahk Rumbae), who produce electronic sounds combining elements of synth-pop, electro, and minimal synth. The result? A kind of modern overview of electronic classicism.

The rhythmic noise of the Belgian Eric Van Wonterghem, the real name behind Monolith, presenting the new album "Concrete Playground," and the electronic exploration of the German musician Thomas Lüdke, aka The Invincible Spirit, are other standout performances (not the only ones) that you shouldn't miss.

The party, however, doesn't end during the day but continues on Friday and Saturday nights at Sala Upload, hosting DJ sessions with Philipp Strobel, Curses, Dafoe, and Omar.

If you enjoy unusual sounds, the Ombra Festival is waiting for you. Before coming, however, check all the information about the event on the website.


Publication date: Thursday, 23 November 2023
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