The science of sex

On July 4th Almería theater will host a "scientific orgy" to celebrate the launch of the book 'The Science of Sex' by Pere Estupinyà

After The Brain Snatcher, Pere Estupinyà comes back with a popular science book on sex in Spanish language that is aimed at a wide audience and goes beyond the usual evolutionist psychology and the well-worn advice of sexual education. To celebrate the new publication we are all invited to the book presentation on thursday July 4 at 8.30 pm to the  Almería theater (Sant Lluís 64, Barcelona).

The event, presented and led by Pere Estupinyà, will feature short talks by scientists, such as neuroscientist Adolf Tobeña and geneticist David Bueno, but also with the porn director Erika Lust and the indescribable Venus O'Hara, as well as playful and interdisciplinary discussion between the speakers and the audience.

In the book S = EX2. The Science of Sex, Pere Estupinyà dives into a new scientific research. Distancing himself from the many books on advice or techniques, Estupinyà brings sex to another dimension by combining popular believes and science. Do you want proof that our decision-making in the heat of the moment is less rational that we think? That mind and vagina each go their own way? Are you interested in learning about the effects of yoga on sexual pleasure? Did you know about the attempts in the 60s to “cure” homosexuals with electric shock therapy, the chemical analyses of female ejaculation, or the fundamental relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system?

The author has spoken directly with asexual people, fetishists, multi-orgasmic women, women who never have orgasms through penetration, intersexual people, and men who have no refractory period. He has also participated in sadomasochistic events; learned tantric techniques with a couple of couches, spoke with porn performers at Barcelona’s Bagdad, and attended workshops in which a woman teaches how to have orgasms with your mind and breathing.

Admission to the presentation is free, and if you bring a paintbrush you will be invited to a beer.

Further information: Invitación (spanish)


Publication date: Tuesday, 02 July 2013
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