Home Cinema - Laboratory

12 December, 2022 - 17:00
13 December, 2022 - 17:00

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Martin Vitaliti. Cicle SEQÜÈNCIA #1 a Fabra i Coats: Centre d'Art
Martín Vitaliti. Foto: Juande Jarillo

Residence, house, refuge, cave, shared apartment, family home, nest, burrow, den. Membranes we build, places for what is within. This project is approached as a research practice about these limits that appear to define our intimate experience and protect us from what is outside. Like the angel of Win Wenders or the main character in '3-Iron' by Kim Ki-duk, the viewer becomes camera, lens and disembodied microphone. Body abandoned to the elements, slight, almost imperceptible, deprived of voice or action, pure mechanism of sensitive observation.
'Home Cinema' breaks the gaze by shifting the places that our bodies usually occupy. Creating a strange and violent situation, which is also fascinating and sinister, we seek to glimpse certain hidden areas in the standard construction of our subjectivity.
This laboratory proposes sharing and questioning procedures, ideas and problems of the 'Home Cinema' performance to share the experience of thinking, producing, setting in motion and doing the performance.

Emilio Tomé. Visual and stage artist. He develops his work by focusing on interpretation, writing, teaching and non-fiction film. As an actor, he has collaborated with artists Elena Córdoba, Carlos Fernández López, Carlos Marquerie, Juan Domínguez, Pascal Rambert and Paz Rojo. At the same time, he develops his own work on visual and stage creations. He co-wrote the short documentary 'A Story for the Modlins' by Sergio Oksman, which won over 70 international awards. He directs the audiovisual experiment 'Sinfonía de verano: retrato de una ciudad' for the Veranos de la Villa de Madrid festival. He is part of the La_Abducción company, with which he has just premièred the latest work by playwright Pablo Remón 'Barbados', in 2022. He co-directed the contemporary creation series 'El lugar sin límites' (CDN, Madrid). His artistic practice is based on the experimentation and contamination between different languages: film, science, stage, architecture, literature, photography and dance.

Dates: December 12 and 13, 5-8 pm.
Laboratory: 20 places
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