Performative reading, music and discussion with Irina Mutt and Sonia Fernández Pan

Seminar of the exhibition "Kao malo vode na dlanu"
Friday, 15 March, 2019


Activity linked to the seminar Love for what? Changing love to change everything? of the exhibition Kao malo vode na dlanu (Like a little water in the palm of the hand), a project about love in Serbia, by Mireia Sallarès.

What has art made of love? Love has been one of the great thematic constants throughout the history of art, but various contemporary art practices not only speak of love but adopt it as a methodology or formalisation. How is art transformed when it allows itself to be pervaded by this amorous practice?

Sonia Fernández Pan. A researcher and curator, she writes through art. For some years she has experienced what she calls “the turn towards friendship of contemporary love”. Since 2011 she has been posting esnorquel, an online archive of podcasts, written conversations and texts in which the experience of encounter is combined with the practice of “thinking with”.

Irina Mutt. An art critic and regular contributor to the digital platform A*Desk, her writings are fed by activism and the conviction that art criticism can be a medium of social transformation. Of note among the exhibitions she has curated are Deshaciendo texto [Unmaking text] (Inéditos, La Casa Encendida, 2016) and A Break Can Be What We Are Aiming For (BCN Producció, 2018).

Video: Agustín Ortiz Herrera.