Talk and discussion with Noa Treister and Brigitte Vasallo

Seminar of the exhibition "Kao malo vode na dlanu"
Tuesday, 26 February, 2019


Activity linked to the seminar Love for what? Changing love to change everything? of the exhibition Kao malo vode na dlanu (Like a little water in the palm of the hand), a project about love in Serbia, by Mireia Sallarès.

Has capitalism made us so stupid we can only love what we possess? Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai asked this question in the first half of the 20th century to expose and denounce the linkage between love and property. Where can we find this experience of emancipation today that enables us to live a non-proprietary love?

Noa Treister. An artist and activist, she works with former participants in the Yugoslav Wars through the projects Naming IT War and Testimony – Truth or Politics, and with former workers, supporting them in their struggle against the privatisation of the collectively-owned factories of the former Yugoslavia, denouncing that process as a war crime.

Brigitte Vasallo. A writer and activist, she is the author of the book-length essay Pensamiento monógamo, terror poliamoroso [Monogamous Thinking, Polyamorous Terror], a critique of monogamy as the productive force of some of our collective organisations, such as the nation state, and the fear of polyamory as we come to recognise it as a reality in our most intimate relationships.

Video: Agustín Ortiz Herrera.