A boost for housing and economic activity in Sant Andreu with the transformation of the old Mercedes factory

The former Mercedes-Benz factory in Sant Andreu is to be transformed into a new economic and community space to link the neighbourhoods of Sant Andreu de Palomar and Bon Pastor. The agreement with the owners includes the creation of 1,450 flats, protection for industrial heritage and better connectivity between the area and its surroundings with a square and green spaces. A participatory process now gets under way with local people and organisations to finalise the project.

12/04/2021 14:33 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The transformation should revitalise the factory space of over 90,000 square metres, unused since 2007, with 60% used for housing and 40% for economic activity.

More housing

Around 1,450 new flats will be built at the site, 40% of them with official protection, half of them to rent, and 60% for the free market.

The housing blocks will keep aside 33,000 square metres for commerce, offices and industrial activities in the ground floor premises.

Creative industries and new technologies

The buildings around the central section of the old factory will house economic and training activities.

The site will also be the new home of the Elisava Faculty of Design and Engineering for the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC), and the university’s headquarters in Barcelona.

Work is also being done towards the Fundació Leitat setting up its own centre at the site and leading the implementation of new tech companies linked to the creative industries and 4.0.

Preservation of heritage

The new space will do away with the perimeter fences at the factory and connect the site with the local neighbourhoods. At the same time, it will protect the industrial buildings, with the exception of the central section, which will be reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

Sustainability criteria will be applied in the new building work for the transformation.

Agreeing on the transformation with local people

The work at the former Mercedes factory will be submitted to a participatory process with local people and organisations to agree on the transformation of the space and the facilities there. At the same time, the administrative process for the project means it will go before the government commission and the Full Council.

Before any work can begin, the urban plan for the site must be amended. Currently established as an industrial site, its designation must be changed to enable it to be used for housing, commerce and other activities.

The goal is for the first activities at the site to become operative in 2023.


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