A boost for solar power generation on industrial rooftops in Zona Franca

An agreement signed with the Zona Franca Consortium will help scale up the energy transition, fostering communal projects which go further than self-consumption.

02/11/2021 16:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The municipal commitment will be to make a series of resources available to the consortium organisations:

  • A map of stakeholders to activate ties between companies willing to invest and manage installations and potential users.
  • Technical support to analyse spaces where power could be generated and to assess economic models which enable participating parties to engage.
  • Financial incentives to develop these types of installations in an agile way and make progress in shared self-consumption models.
  • A study to implement public economic collaboration.

For the consortium the agreement means:

  • Monitoring companies which can implement a solar panelling installation.
  • Facilitation and assessment on the best technical and economic solutions.
  • Inclusion of the clause on the generation of solar power in rental contracts signed for sites on the industrial estate.

The initiative comes in addition to other projects by the Consortium in relation to energy generation and the use of residual energy with a direct impact on CO2 emissions and, at the same time, encompassed in the municipal commitment to cut greenhouse gases, set out in the Climate Emergency Declaration signed in January 2020.

One of the most notable proposals for the tax by-laws for next year is the application of a 30% discount on the property tax (IBI) for industrial premises to install systems for the reuse of thermal or solar power, over three periods in the tax cycle.

The agreement comes while the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is being held in Glasgow, where Barcelona is one of the cities on the board of municipalities leading the fight against climate change.


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