A more inclusive experience at Park Güell and the Zoo

Two new tech solutions from the InnovAcció 2030 programme will enhance visits for people with cognitive, sensory or special physical needs. The chatbot and the app will be tested for two months at Barcelona Zoo and Park Güell respectively.

17/03/2023 15:27 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Zoobot is a virtual assistant which uses a QR code to connect with the Sahel Savannah section and the Komodo Dragon Discovery Centre at the Zoo. Users receive information on the animals and directions to help them get their bearings.

The Park Güell Inclusive Visit includes 2D maps, easy-read texts, infographics, 23 audio-guides and 15 video clips. These are offered at 34 points around the park, according to users’ visual, aural or cognitive needs.

Both tools were selected through the public innovation competition InnovAcció 2030, promoted by BSM.  During the creation process, the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities and organisations from the Accessibility and Independent Life Network from the Citizen Agreement took part in meetings, personal interviews and simulations to put the solutions to the test.

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