All set for the municipal elections of 28 May

The Department for Maintenance and Works, part of the Manager’s Office for Resources, is tasked with the logistics to guarantee that everything is in place for election day. Everything is now ready for the local elections of 28 May, when the 41 councillors making up the municipal corporation will be elected.

18/05/2023 15:58 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Municipal elections in numbers

  • Final number of electors in the city of Barcelona: 1,108,175 people on the electoral roll with the right to vote
  • Candidacies proclaimed in the electoral constituency of Barcelona: 24
  • Ballot papers: 17,700,000
  • Envelopes: 1,137,000
  • Ballot boxes: 2,182
  • Voting booths: 322
  • Polling stations: 301, of which 53 need furniture
  • Polling sections: 1,068
  • Voting points: 1,688
  • Polling station staff: 15,192 people, including selected citizens and reserves
  • Packs of pens: 1,688

Tasks assigned to the Department for Maintenance and Works this year also include the preparation of envelopes with documents for voting points:

  • Envelope A: 1,700 units
  • Envelope B: 1,700 units
  • Bag with both envelopes (A and B) and pack of pens: 1,700 units

The Municipal Data Office, specifically the Department for Statistics and Data Dissemination, will publish the pre-electoral dossier with the main data from the electoral roll and electoral process on Monday, 22 May. This report includes the results obtained in the various local elections, as well as surveys published up to Sunday 21 May.


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