A thousand people take part in the citizen process for the sustainable food strategy

The citizen process concluded with nearly a thousand people giving their input, with 848 taking part online and 144 in the various face-to-face sessions, which also involved organisations and other bodies linked to the food chain. The initiative will help define the roadmap for Barcelona’s food policies for the next few years, to be set out in the Barcelona Sustainable Food Strategy 2030.

19/06/2022 10:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The month-long process from 4 May to 12 June allowed people to help define the food policies to be developed over the next eight years, taking part in the different face-to-face sessions or online via the Decidim platform. The initiative was organised by Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with the Barcelona Strategic Municipal Plan (PEMB).

Input from citizens in this participatory process will be added in the process to draft the Sustainable Food Strategy, which started in January and has involved over 100 organisations linked to the food system.

Backing for sustainable food

Barcelona was the World Sustainable Food Capital in 2021, and now the idea is to build on this and consolidate the initiatives and activities in place with a strategy that fosters a healthy and sustainable local food system, adding vitality to the local economy and tackling inequalities and the climate emergency. To guarantee this, the City Council is allocating an annual budget for specialised teams to work with other municipal and institutional bodies.

The goals of the Barcelona Sustainable Food Strategy 2030 will follow those established in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.


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