Acquisition of two industrial units in the Besòs area to drive the tech industry

The intention behind the acquisition of two industrial units is to promote projects linked to the sustainable and circular economy and improve the competitiveness for SMEs in the Besòs area. The two units in question are in C/ Costa Brava and C/ Ciutat d’Assumpció, with 1,850 and 3,400 square metres of floor space respectively. The initiative is part of the strategy for the future of the Besòs industrial estates, included in the budget agreement with the ERC.

05/01/2022 12:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In parallel to the purchase process, involving an investment of over 5.5 million euros and due to be completed between February and June 2022, a process is under way to find local and international operators to move into the premises and develop projects linked to the digital and sustainable transformation of industrial SMEs on the Besòs estates.

Nearly 750 companies are currently located on the right-hand side of the Besòs, over 90% of them SMEs. Some 39% are engaged in industrial activity, with the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors standing out in terms of the number of jobs and the metallurgy sector in terms of the number of businesses: 34% correspond to commerce and wholesale and 27% to other activities such as construction, transport and storage.

Barcelona Activa will be starting individual support programmes for these small and medium-sized businesses, helping towards their competitiveness and environmental sustainability. This will also help them take on the challenges for companies and the industrial sector, such as the digitalisation of the production process, the use of digital channels, sustainable mobility and familiarity with circular business models.


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